Membership Criteria


Any person irrespective of age, sex and religion who possesses any graduate or undergraduate degree from the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, University of Asia Pacific may be a member of this Organization.

There will be only three categories of member in this organization, viz., Associate Member, General Member and Life Member. For getting the membership of the organization, any person eligible to be a member will have to fill up an Associate Member form with an entry fee of Taka 300 (Three hundred) only per year as prescribed. After two years of being an Associate Member, you can apply for general membership.  The General Member will have to pay Taka 500 (Five hundred) only per year as subscription. If you have ten years of employment or business experience, then you can apply for a lifetime member. On the other hand, the Life Member will have to pay Taka 3,000 (Three thousand) only as 10 years single time subscription. The rates of entry fee and subscription may be changed time to time by the Executive Committee of the organization. Life membership shall have to be accorded by the Executive Committee.

Any person or enterprise engaged in Electrical & Electronic Engineering education and profession, if interested, may be the Associate Member of the organization on approval of the Executive Committee. They will have to apply in prescribed form with entry fee of Taka 300 (Three hundred) only and subscription of Taka 500 (Five hundred) only for annual membership and Taka 3,000 (Three thousand) only for life membership. But Associate Members cannot hold any responsible post of the organization and they will have no voting right. However, they can participate any research, training, social and cultural activities.

All members will be entitled to all rights and privileges subject to the obligations, which the organization confers or implies.


Any member who will be found to act against the interest of the organization may be expelled or his membership may be suspended for any particular period by at least President, Vice-President, General Secretary and Joint Secretary of the Executive Committee. Executive Committee meeting should be held before impose suspension. However, before taking any such action, a show cause notice should be served on the concerned member at least 21 days before to explain his position.

Any member may resign from this organization and such resignation shall become effective upon acceptance by the Executive Committee. However, the Executive Committee may withhold acceptance, until all indebtedness has been paid and all funds and property of the organization, if any, have been returned.

The membership of the organization shall be ceased if any member:

  1. Resigns and the resignation is accepted by the Executive Committee
  2. Does not pay subscriptions due for at least two years and the Executive Committee has not decided otherwise.
  3. Remains absent in three consecutive general meetings without any prior notice.
  4. Acts against the interest of the organization.
  5. Has been impeached by at least two-third votes of the general or extraordinary meeting.
  6. Is employed as a salaried employee of the organization. or
  7. Dies, or becomes insane, or is punished by a court of law, or is declared guilty by a court of law.
  8. Any person who lost his/her membership due to any of the first five reasons mentioned in the preceding sub-article may apply subsequently for reinstatement of his/her membership with an undertaking that he/she shall never be involved in future with the grounds of the cancellation of his/her membership. On approval of the reinstatement by the Executive Committee, the member shall have to pay the entry fee, due subscriptions and other outstanding.

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